Chicago Fire unveil new badge ahead of move to Soldier Field

The Chicago Fire unveiled its new badge and brand identity on Thursday, ahead of next season's move to Soldier Field. The team will now be called Chicago Fire FC in a nod to the game's global reach.

The organization revealed that the rebranding effort spanned 18 months, a period in which Joe Mansueto completed his purchase of the team from previous owner Andrew Hauptman. The rebrand was done in consultation with focus groups and surveys with fans, partners, staff and MLS. The process reviewed every aspect of the club's brand, while the survey considered the original context of the club's name, crest and colors.

Rumors had circulated for several months that the team would discontinue the Fire moniker, but ultimately Mansueto opted to keep the team's original name.

"As a Chicagoan, it was important to me that our new brand identity reflect the power of our city's origin," Mansueto said. "I've always loved the Chicago Fire name. I think of the people who rolled up their sleeves and committed to rebuild what would become a world-class city, one that my family and I love so much."

Gone, however is the team's original badge. In its place is a mirrored icon in which flames are inverted to become a crown. The organization feels this symbol is an homage to the spirit of Chicago that saw much of the city be rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1871.

"The new badge including the Fire Crown represents that spirit," Mansueto said.

The team's primary colors -- red and blue -- will remain, while gray has been replaced by gold. The club has also added secondary colors of ivory and "flag blue," in recognition of the city's flag. These colors will be featured in future kit designs.

"The Club's pillars -- Be Chicago. Be Football. Be a Club. -- are fused into the new badge," Chicago Fire FC president and GM Nelson Rodriguez said. "We appreciate all the fans, partners and staff who contributed to helping us evolve the identity of the club."