Real Madrid boss Zidane's selfie with man involved in car accident

A man took a selfie with Zinedine Zidane moments after the Real Madrid coach accidentally hit him with his car on Saturday.

Zidane was on his way to training Saturday morning when he hit an Audi driven by furniture shop owner Ignacio Fernandez, who was in front of him and had stopped at a roundabout near Valdebebas, Madrid.

"As soon as I saw him, I recognised him and told him I would have liked to have met you under different circumstances, but this one isn't too bad," Fernandez told newspaper La Voz de Galicia. "I told him if he could take a selfie because people would not believe that Zidane had hit me.

"And very kindly, he said yes. He took his hat off and we took a photograph. I also told him that we could settle it by exchanging the cars, but that didn't fly."

The Frenchman's agent later called Fernandez and told him: "Zidane was very grateful as he was going to training and was in a hurry so he was thankful that I had not asked for autographs, jerseys and tickets."

However, that isn't something Fernandez was looking for, as he added: "The truth is I'm not very interested in football."