LAFC's Wright-Phillips questions MLS return amid coronavirus surge

LAFC's Bradley Wright-Phillips has expressed his concerns over playing the MLS is Back Tournament in the confines of the bubble in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and questioned whether the league should be returning with coronavirus cases on the rise in the United States.

FC Dallas was forced to withdraw from the tournament on Monday after nine players and one member of staff tested positive for COVID-19, while LAFC star and reigning MLS MVP Carlos Vela didn't travel due to his wife's pregnancy.

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"I don't really care how I come across here because it's no secret to me," said Wright-Phillips on The Sports Bubble podcast. "I just think it's a little bit stupid, If I'm being honest. I just think we could have waited like the rest of the leagues and you train until you're able to play. And that's it."

"You've taken us all to a place now in a bubble where you gotta stay in your room, away from your families," he continued. "You know, some people got some real, some real-life issues, you know, to deal with and you just got to go and leave your family for how long, you know, but I guess money talks, my friend."

LAFC flew into Orlando on Monday and is still awaiting its COVID-19 test results on arrival, but Wright-Phillips was relieved that he didn't have to travel earlier, given he has a young family.

"You know, the less time there, I think, the better. If I'm being honest, you're just locked in a room for however long. You know, it's going to be tough, so we delayed it a bit," he said.

The 35-year-old former New York Red Bulls player will pass the time on his Playstation, like many other players, by playing Call of Duty.

"I think once I get there, I stay in my room and I'll just play Call of Duty," he said. "I'll play Call of Duty until I have to train, I'll train and get back to the room and play Call of Duty. I'm not gonna try and mingle and go do anything. I got family to think about."

LAFC coach Bob Bradley acknowledged the complexities of the situation before his team flew into Orlando on Monday.

"In terms of COVID cases, of course we're concerned," said Bradley. "We're concerned with what we see going on around the country in different states and all of us are playing close attention to news coming out of Orlando out of the bubble.

"The reminder to all the players is that it is about helping each other, it's about as a group staying together, it's not a time to be socializing with all the other teams," he continued. "There are big challenges to this type of situation in a bubble and I think the best way to try to help each other to be strong as a group."