Arsenal's Bellerin becomes second largest shareholder in eco-friendly club Forest Green

Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has become the second-largest shareholder in eco-friendly football club Forest Green Rovers, it was announced on Tuesday.

The League Two side have adopted a number of environmentally-friendly measures, from using electric vehicles, to vegan-only meals for players, staff and supporters.

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The club became the world's first professional sports team to be certified carbon-neutral by the United Nations in 2018.

"I was really excited when I first discovered the opportunity to get involved at Forest Green Rovers -- and the brilliant work the club is already doing," Bellerin said in a statement.

"It's important that I invest in things I am passionate about -- and I'm excited to help push football into having a sustainable future.

"Forest Green Rovers prove to clubs who say 'they don't have resources to be sustainable' -- that it is possible. With the new stadium, being carbon neutral and vegan the club is doing some mind-blowing work.

"People have a universal love of football, so there's no better industry to promote sustainability -- and what we can do as football supporters to be more environmentally conscious."

Bellerin, 25, became a vegan in 2017 and committed to planting 3,000 trees for every Arsenal victory in the Premier League once football restarted after the lockdown.

He has since raised money to plant over 50,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest.

"I became a vegan around three years ago and at first, I just wanted to try it and detox my body," Bellerin added.

"Initially, I thought I'd eat meat as a 'treat' -- but, being vegan just worked for me.

"After a month of being vegan, I felt stronger - and I didn't struggle with ankle injuries anymore. I began to feel more energetic on the pitch -- and I began to notice a real difference."