Copa America bracket and fixtures schedule

Check out all the fixtures, venues and kick-off times for Copa America, including the knockout bracket.

What is the Copa America format?

The 10 teams have been drawn into two groups of five. The bottom-placed team from each group will be eliminated at the end of the group stage.

The competition will then move onto a knockout format, with quarterfinals, semifinals, third/fourth place playoff and final.

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What are the Copa America fixtures and results?


Saturday, July 10
Brazil 0-1 Argentina (Rio de Janeiro)


Friday, July 9
Peru 2-3 Colombia (Brasilia)


Monday, July 5
25 - Brazil 1-0 Peru (Rio de Janeiro)

Tuesday, July 6
26 - Argentina 1-1 Colombia; pens 3-2 (Brasilia)


Friday, July 2
21 - Peru 2-2 Paraguay; pens 4-3 (Goiania)
22 - Brazil 1-0 Chile (Rio de Janeiro)

Saturday, July 3
23 - Uruguay 0-0 Colombia; pens 2-4 (Goiania)
24 - Argentina 3-0 Ecuador (Brasilia)


Group A: Argentina (winners), Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia*
Group B: Brazil (winners), Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela*


Sunday, June 13

Group B: Brazil 3-0 Venezuela (Brasilia)
Group B: Colombia 1-0 Ecuador (Cuiaba)

Monday, June 14
Group A: Argentina 1-1 Chile (Rio de Janeiro)
Group A: Paraguay 3-1 Bolivia (Goiania)

Thursday, June 17
Group B
: Colombia 0-0 Venezuela (Goiania)
Group B: Brazil 4-0 Peru (Rio de Janeiro)

Friday, June 18
Group A: Chile 1-0 Bolivia (Cuiaba)
Group A: Argentina 1-0 Uruguay (Brasilia)

Sunday, June 20
Group B: Venezuela 2-2 Ecuador (Rio de Janeiro)
Group B: Colombia 1-2 Peru (Goiania)

Monday, June 21
Group A: Uruguay 1-1 Chile (Cuiaba)
Group A: Argentina 1-0 Paraguay (Brasilia)

Wednesday, June 23
Group B: Ecuador 2-2 Peru (Goiania)
Group B: Brazil 2-1 Colombia (Rio de Janeiro)

Thursday, June 24
Group A: Bolivia 0-2 Uruguay (Cuiaba)
Group A: Chile 0-2 Paraguay (Brasilia)

Sunday, June 27
Group B: Brazil 1-1 Ecuador (Goiania)
Group B: Venezuela 0-1 Peru (Brasilia)

Monday, June 28
Group A: Bolivia 4-1 Argentina (Cuiaba)
Group A: Uruguay 1-0 Paraguay (Rio de Janeiro)