Tottenham release new neon-tinged home kit for 2022-23

Tottenham Hotspur FC

Tottenham Hotspur have released their new home kit for the 2022-23 season and as you might expect there are certainly no surprises on the colour front. Indeed, the shirt is exactly the same shade of pristine Lilywhite that it has been for the past 124 years.

That said, the latest incarnation of Spurs' famous strip boasts several subtle features and tweaks including a prominent semi-circular seam that runs across the chest and two-tone trim on the collars and cuffs.

This is because the kit is based on the 2022 World Cup template that Nike have used for the upcoming tournament in Qatar -- a modern, fitted template designed to allow more dynamic movement thanks to panel cuts inspired by base-layer compression wear.

The players' version also features a fine mesh of wire-thin "ribs" knitted into the fabric to allow it to hug their contours with maximum precision.

After extraneous decoration of any description was done away with for last season's ultra-plain Spurs jersey, the 2022-23 shirt sees a return for traditional navy trim and this time it has been paired with a contrasting flash of "Volt" yellow -- a gaudy neon hue that has been cropping up regularly on the club's second, third and training apparel in recent years.

The inside of both the collar and cuffs are also embellished with the word "Spurs" written several times in a variety of typefaces, just in case you forget whose shirt you are wearing and need to double check surreptitiously.

Interestingly, it would appear that the cuff is reversible and therefore can also be folded over and rolled up in order to reveal the neon yellow "Spurs" banding underneath, which is a neat little feature.