Lionel Messi shops at Publix, has sandwich named after him in Miami

Messi makes 'Vice City' dreams come true with Miami move (2:04)

Fans of Inter Miami and residents of the city can't wait for Lionel Messi to take to the field for their side. (2:04)

It seems Lionel Messi has gotten off to a fast start in adapting to American culture.

The new Inter Miami star was spotted out in public this week, though not at an official club introductory event. The 2022 FIFA World Cup winner was found grocery shopping at a local Publix.

Enjoying Publix is far from the only introduction Messi has received to life in South Florida in his short time stateside. He was also bestowed with the local honor of having a chicken sandwich named after him at Hard Rock Cafe.

The "Messi Chicken Sandwich" will feature a Milanesa spin on chicken, a call back to the star's Argentinian roots, and is topped with melted provolone cheese, aioli, tomatoes and arugula.

As for soccer, an official date has not been announced but Messi is expected to make his on-pitch American debut later this month.