Joe Hart: I had no option but to join Torino after Pep Guardiola snub

Joe Hart has told La Stampa he had no choice other than to join Torino this summer and does not regret his move to Serie A.

The England international was demoted from the starting XI by new Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola and said he had not had much ti me to consider his options before the summer transfer window closed.

"To be honest, it all happened very quickly and I didn't have many options," he said. "If I am here, then it is because there was nowhere else for me to go.

"But I am grateful that this club has given me a big chance to be able to play and do so in a serious, ambitious club.

"I said yes to Torino because I had always watched Italian football on TV and I had been to Turin before. Now I just want to enjoy this season and I'm not thinking about the future."

Hart praised coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, saying: "I like the way he teaches football. He's very explicit about the things that he doesn't like and equally generous with his compliments.

"He's found a healthy way to put you under pressure. He believes in us and he shows it."

Hart will experience his first derby against Juventus next month and said he was looking forward to an encounter with one of his idols.

"[Gianluigi] Buffon is one of my footballing heroes, one of the best in the world. He's unique in what he does."

Torino will be at home, and Hart said: "I've been surprised by the fans here in Italy -- our home games are spectacular.

"I'm very grateful to the fans because they spend time and money to come and watch us and I try to give them back emotions, to show them that they are also part of the squad."