Dele Alli: Frustrated Tottenham Hotspur want to win trophies

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli has told BT Sport he is part of "a team full of players that want to win things" and voiced frustration at their failure to land a trophy this season.

Spurs are on course for a third consecutive top-three finish under Mauricio Pochettino but squandered leads in their Champions League and FA Cup semifinal exits as their trophy drought extended to a decade.

The 2-1 defeat to Manchester United in last month's semifinal has led to period of soul-searching, but England international Alli is confident that Spurs do not lack winners.

"Of course we're frustrated," he said in an interview with former Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard, his childhood hero, on BT Sport.

"We've got a team full of players that want to win things, a manager that wants to win things, the club wants to win things.

"It's difficult to say what the next step is, but we're all fighting for the same things.

"As a player, obviously it's hard to say what we need to do. We're focusing on playing, fighting every day. But we know how good we are, we're confident in ourselves and we believe we can beat anyone.

"Growing up, I always remember Tottenham being in fifth or sixth place. That's changing. Everyone can see from the outside where the club is heading.

"People forget that last season we finished second and the season before third -- we were so close to winning it."

Alli praised manager Pochettino, saying: "As a player, you don't need any more confidence than having a manager who puts all his trust in you and will tell you the truth.

"That's what he's done. He'll speak to you. He's done it a few times to me since I've been there. He'll catch it [a problem] early.

"He'll see it before you see it -- if you're going to have a dip or you're not doing something right, he'll pull you up on it. That's one of the things I respect and love about him."

Pochettino has previously expressed surprise at criticism of England international Alli amid accusations of diving.

"Every player is different and everyone handles criticism differently," the midfielder said.

"It really gets to some people. I believe it's all about what your focus is and on. Mine is purely on my football and trying to be the best I can be."