Hakan Sukur faces prison over tweets 'insulting' Turkey president Erdogan

Former Turkey star Hakan Sukur, now an MP, could face up to four years In prison after being charged with insulting president Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Twitter.

Sukur was charged on Wednesday after posting what prosecutors called "insulting content against Mr President... and his son," the private Dogan news agency reported.

He said the tweets were not directed at the president, but that was rejected by prosecutors who said they were "clearly related" to Erdogan.

A first hearing is set to begin in the coming weeks.

With 51 goals in 112 appearances for his country in 1987-2007, Sukur shone at the 2002 World Cup where Turkey finished in third place -- their best-ever performance.

After moving in to politics, he was elected as an MP for Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development party (AKP). Two years later, he resigned following a corruption scandal from in the party and joined forces with Erdogan's political rival Fethullah Gulen.

It is not clear whether he will be present at the trial, as he tweeted recently to say that he had moved to the U.S. to work on plans to open a sports academy.