Manchester City and Bayern Munich fans to continue UEFA protest

Manchester City and Bayern Munich fans are set to continue their "Respect...Fans" protest campaign against UEFA on Tuesday night.

On Champions League matchday four, Bayern, City and Roma supporters protested against UEFA's decision to punish Group E rivals CSKA Moscow with stadium closures, which prevented fans travelling to watch their games at the Arena Khimki.

UEFA had hit CSKA with a three-match stadium closure as a result of their fans' racist chanting and violent behaviour during their game away at Roma in September. The sanction was later reduced on appeal.

Both Bayern and City fans were unable to attend their group games at the 18,000-capacity Arena Khimki, despite travelling to Moscow. Some 70 fans from Bavaria had been unaware of an older UEFA sanction demanding a full stadium closure, while City fans were hit with the news of the new ban after having booked their flights to the Russian capital.

Bayern and Roma fans subsequently united in protest as they displayed "Respect ... Fans" signs during their meeting at the Allianz Arena, while City supporters turned their backs on the Champions League anthem prior to their team's home defeat to CSKA.

Manchester City fan group 1894 announced on Facebook that the protests will continue when Bayern visit the Etihad on Tuesday night, saying the group has "heard little in the way of understanding towards supporters from UEFA themselves."

Post by 1894groupmcfc.

Bayern's biggest fan association, Club Nr.12, also confirmed through its Facebook page that the protest will continue, expressing support for the City supporters who travelled to Moscow but were barred from viewing the match by police and security services.

"The Manchester City fans have invited UEFA to meet with concerned fans on the day of the game to discuss the issue of punishing innocent away fans," the Club Nr.12 statement read. "According to our information, UEFA has not responded to this invitation."

Referring to the plans to protest during the Champions League anthem, the statement added: "We are calling on all Bayern fans to join the Manchester fans in their actions tomorrow! UEFA's disrespectful behaviour towards the most loyal fans can no longer be tolerated."

Last month, a UEFA spokesperson told ESPN FC: "UEFA is committed to ensuring that the needs and viewpoints of supporters are taken into account in European football governance. However, UEFA also has to guarantee the strict enforcement of its regulations and decisions taken by its independent disciplinary bodies, especially when it comes to fighting racism, which is a high priority for UEFA.

"The European governing body has a zero-tolerance policy towards racism and discrimination on the field and in the stands. All forms of racist behaviour are considered serious offences against the disciplinary regulations and are punished with the most severe sanctions, including matches behind closed doors.

"UEFA does not cover costs of travelling supporters, nor can UEFA reimburse costs incurred by travelling supporters if the Control and Ethics Disciplinary Body sanctions a club with a match behind closed doors due to racist incidents."

Football fan network Football Supporters Europe (FSE) representatives are set to discuss the matter with UEFA president Michel Platini in March 2015.