European Super League in a discussion phase - Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has confirmed to FAZ that clubs and UEFA are currently considering a third European competition to be placed above Champions League and Europa League.

"The clubs and UEFA are in a discussion phase right now," the Bayern Munich CEO, who is also the chairman of the European Club Association, said.

In late February, senior officials from Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool were pictured at the Dorchester Hotel in London after meeting with representatives of Relevent Sport, the organisers of the preseason International Champions Cup tournament.

Each of the clubs swiftly denied discussing a breakaway competition from UEFA was on the agenda, and in a report in German newspaper FAZ on Tuesday it was claimed that the European association was rather involved in plans to install a third club competition above Champions League and Europa League.

The report claimed that UEFA planned "an evolution of the club competitions," and that qualification for the new Super League could also in some parts be down to the "attractiveness of the clubs and their importance in marketing."

Rummenigge, speaking as the ECA chairman, did not confirm the plans, but admitted that discussion had taken place.

When asked about potential plans of a European Super League on his pre-match news conference ahead of the Juventus match, Pep Guardiola said that "it would be interesting."

But, unaware of the latest developments, he asked "what about the domestic leagues?"

He said: "They are incredibly important to the culture, and the sport, and I really don't know what to make of it."