Salzburg defy Borussia Dortmund half-and-half scarves logo ban

Borussia Dortmund have told RB Salzburg not to use their logo for half-and-half scarves for the teams' Europa League tie -- but the Austrians have gone ahead with their production.

While RB Salzburg are named FC Salzburg for European competitions, their logo includes the emblem and name of Austrian soft drink manufacturer Red Bull.

"We, on principle, don't allow scarves on which there are advertising logos together with our logo," BVB marketing executive Carsten Cramer told Bild.

However, Salzburg, produced the scarves regardless and displayed them on Twitter on Thursday, writing: "No fan scarves? No way."

Salzburg's design contains the club colours of both teams but does not use the name Borussia, referring to the German club only as Dortmund.

Underneath, in a play of words on Dortmund's "Real Love" slogan, they have written: "Echte Liebe ist Rot-Weiss," which translates as "real love is red and white."