Luis Suarez tantrum played down by Uruguay boss: 'There is no situation'

Uruguay manager Oscar Tabarez says Luis Suarez was unfit to play in Thursday's 1-0 loss to Venezuela, despite the Barcelona striker's demonstrative protest at not participating in the match.

Suarez, who on Wednesday was ruled out for the game, was shown warming up on the sidelines in the second half as Uruguay chased an equaliser although he was not listed among the available substitutes before the game.

Later, television cameras showed the former Liverpool man pounding his fist in disgust and throwing a boot onto the pitch in a fit of displeasure after a word with an assistant staff member. Around the same time, Tabarez made his third and final substitution of the match.

Speaking after the loss, Tabarez played down the incident, saying: "There is no situation. The situation is what I told you [on Wednesday]. The player is not ready to play.

"This is an issue about numbers and doctors. Even if the player is upset, I'm not going to play a player who is not 100 percent.

"If he got upset, that is something I was not aware of. He didn't tell me anything."

Tabarez said he was unmoved by Suarez's warm-ups on the sideline.

"Eighteen days ago he had a substantial tear. We want Suarez when he is healthy.

"Luis was training with us. Today he had a day off not to force more onto him. Maybe he wanted to move around a little bit. He knows the coach has the final word."