Luis Suarez calls for 'no more violence in football' after trouble in Uruguay

Uruguay international Luis Suarez has appealed for peace in the wake of football violence in his country.

Uruguayan football was suspended on Sunday after two officials, including a woman, were attacked by players and spectators during an under-19 game between hosts Platense and Basanez on Saturday in Montevideo.

The incident led to the Uruguay Football Referees' Association (AUDAF) halting football until further notice.

Barcelona star Suarez condemned the attack and posted a photograph on his Twitter account of the Uruguay flag with the message: "No more violence in football."

He added: "Let's live a football in peace and without violence, enjoying this beautiful sport in our country. Let's respect everyone."

It is the second time in the space of 10 months that the sport has come to a halt in Uruguay. In November 2016, the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) suspended all games as a sign of mourning after a Penarol fan was shot and killed by supporters of rival club Nacional while celebrating his team's 125th anniversary.

The AUF is "optimistic" that the AUDAF will vote on Wednesday to resume its work this weekend, but knows it must do more to crack down on violence.

AUF vice-president Edgard Welker told reporters following Monday's meeting with AUDAF members: "AUF's commitment is to develop measures to combat the scourge of violence that is settling today in our society and football cannot get away from this.

"Regarding youth games, we will implement a much more stricter control of the people that attend games. We will generate changes in our disciplinary code so that the fines are much harder in these types of situations.

"We expect the AUF's disciplinary commission to take very severe measures because that is what corresponds in this case."