Colombia's David Ospina: James Rodriguez stole my sister's heart

Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina has said he had to work hard to convince his parents to let James Rodriguez marry his sister, Daniela.

Real Madrid star James started dating Ospina's sister back when he played in Argentina for Banfield and the two married in 2010 before James headed to Europe to play for Porto and just after Daniel turned 18.

Although Ospina hadn't yet met James, he knew of him. At first neither he nor his parents were happy to learn that his sister was dating a football player, Ospina said during an interview with Fox Sports Argentina.

But over time, the two players formed a close connection and Ospina said he was able to convince his parents to bless the marriage.

"James also left Colombia at a very young age, and I had never had a chance to meet him during that time," he said. "And then my sister calls to tell me that she was talking to a football player. I was like, 'who is he?'

"At that time, James was already at Banfield in Argentina. I knew who he was but had never met him. Then he came to my house. And I had to explain to my parents that [James] had stolen my sister's heart. And there was James, waiting to come in, nervous, on the other side of the door.

"I had to do a lot of work the first time he came to the house, because my parents, they weren't really thrilled with the idea.

"I had to tell him, no it's OK, you can come in. I straightened everything out," he said. "Now when we get together and sit down to eat, I have to put on my serious face with him, because if I don't..."

Ospina and James will link up again during the international break when Colombia face Alexis Sanchez's Chile and then Argentina in World Cup qualifiers.

James was one of the biggest stars at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, earning him a big-money move from Monaco to Madrid.

But he was still fairly unknown when he married Daniela Ospina in 2010.

Asked whether he thought his sister should get credit for James' success, Ospina said: "My sister should be an agent, because she has a good eye for talent."