Biggest first-half NFL betting takeaways

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS -- Nine weeks down, eight weeks to go.

This is the de facto halfway point of the NFL season, as 22 of the 32 teams have played eight games -- half of the regular-season schedule -- with 10 teams having played nine and with byes coming up.

In what's been admittedly a very interesting first half of the season for betting, Rufus Peabody and I will give our 10 biggest takeaways, including a breakdown of the Super Bowl odds and which team has been the luckiest to cover games.

Rufus Peabody's midseason takeaways

1. Parity is the highest it has been in recent memory

New England and Seattle are head and shoulders above the field, and Cleveland is the worst team in the NFL by a large margin, but the rest of the league is pretty tightly clustered together in Massey-Peabody's predictive ratings.