10 most popular bets and 10 largest handles on Super Bowl LVII

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Erin Dolan provides a crash course into making spread, moneyline and total over/under bets. (2:01)

It's almost time for the 2023 Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. Our partners at Caesars Sportsbook have posted over 2,000 props for the big game, from the coin toss to the final score and everything in between.

The most popular prop to bet on so far in terms of tickets bought? Future Hall-of-Fame TE Travis Kelce to score a TD. Kelce scoring the first TD at +550 is next. Which prop has received the most money bet? The coin toss, landing on Tails, which many think never fails.

A QB to NOT catch a pass has received the 2nd most money. The bettors don't think another "Philly-Philly" is coming. Here are the top 10 by bets and by handle.

Top 10 props by ticket (number of tickets bought)

1. Travis Kelce to score a TD (-113)
2. Travis Kelce 1st TD scorer (+550)
3. Jalen Hurts to score a TD (+112)
4. Travis Kelce to score 2 or more TD's (+460)
5. Miles Sanders to score a TD (+127)
6.Opening kickoff to be a touchback-NO (+155)
7.Coin toss-Tails (-101)
8. PHI 1st Drive outcome-FGA (+400)
9. Miles Sanders 1st TD scorer (+600)
10. KC 1st drive outcome-FGA (+410)

Top 10 props by handle (money)

1. Coin toss-Tails (-101)
2. Will a QB have a reception-NO
3. Travis Kelce to score a TD (-113)
4. Coin toss-Heads (-101)
5. Jalen Hurts under 241 passing yards (-117)
6. Quez Watkins under 1.5 receptions (-174)
7. Jalen Hurts to score a TD (+112)
8. Starting QB to have negative rushing yards-NO (-1200)
9. Will a punt or kickoff be returned for a TD-NO (-1800)
10.Opening kickoff to be a touchback- NO (+125)