Green's quick KO is best of the year

When super middleweights Allan Green and Jaidon Codrington signed to fight each other in an undercard bout on Showtime's "ShoBox: The New Generation" series, it figured to be a highly competitive fight between two elite prospects.

It was anything but when the former amateur stars met Nov. 4 in Miami, Okla. The result was as violent, as disturbing and as memorable a knockout as you will ever see. It is also the ESPN.com knockout of the year.

Green (18-0, 12 KOs) ruthlessly obliterated Codrington (9-1, 9 KOs) in a mere 18 seconds to vault himself onto the national scene.

The fighters had trash-talked each other leading up to the fight, with Green dismissing Codrington as a waste of time. So when the bell rang, he wasted little of it.

Green stunned Codrington with a left hook in the opening seconds of the fight, then rained down 15 more unanswered blows.

"And he has rocked Codrington's world," Showtime broadcaster Nick Charles bellowed. "It's over! Over in 18 seconds! Allan Green shocks the world! He absolutely devoured the New Yorker, Jaidon Codrington!"

Midway through the eruption, Codrington was already out cold, yet with the blows coming so fast, he took several more shots before the referee could finally jump in. But it was too late.

Codrington's limp body bent in half, and he slid between the second and third ring ropes, where he dangled face down like a wet towel hanging on a rack. His body was half in the ring and half out of the ring.

"Until I saw the fight [on tape], I didn't realize how awesome it was," Green said. "When I saw it for myself, I thought, 'Whoa!' To me, that was the worst knockout I have ever seen. It was brutal. I had not seen anything like that before, and I'm not being partial. I'm just being honest."

Green celebrated his awesome knockout without realizing the distress Codrington was in as the ring filled. Doctors finally got to Codrington, who was pulled gingerly back into the ring, where he remained unconscious for several minutes.

"I figured it was a devastating knockout because the crowd and my corner were going crazy," Green said, "but I couldn't see what was going on because there were so many people in the ring."

While Codrington underwent neurological tests and a CAT scan before being released from the hospital, Green had himself a memorable knockout, one Codrington probably won't recall unless he watches the tape.

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Dan Rafael is the boxing writer for ESPN.com.