Peruvian lost decision Saturday

MIAMI -- A Peruvian boxer died Wednesday, four days after collapsing following a title fight, a spokesman for the fight's promoter said.

Luis Villalta, 35, lost consciousness in his dressing room
minutes after losing the 12-round bout to Ricky Quiles on Saturday

Villalta's wife and father were at the fighter's bedside when he
died, said Warrior's Boxing spokesman Peter Kahn. They arrived from
Peru on emergency visas Wednesday morning.

Villalta moved to the United States on a professional athlete
visa three years ago to improve his stock as a fighter, living near
his manager Anthony Toresco's home in Hillsborough, N.J.

Villalta fought in the lightweight division and eventually won a
regional title last July. He lost to Quiles at the Seminole Casino
in Coconut Creek in a decision.

Although Villalta was not knocked down in the fight, he did
absorb heavy shots in the final two rounds. After the fight,
Villalta returned to his dressing room but soon began to feel the
effects of a headache, trainer Charles Johnson said. Villalta then
spit and fainted, he said.

Villalta's career record was 29-6-1.