Gatti/Leija: Round-by-round

A round-by-round account of Arturo Gatti's victory over James Leija on Saturday night as Gatti retained the WBC super lightweight championship (140 pounds) in Atlantic City.

In the undercard, Kassim Ouma (21-1-1, 13 knockouts) of Uganda was successful in his first defense of his IBF junior middleweight belt (154 pounds) with a unanimous decision over Kofi Jantuah (28-2, 18 KOs) of Ghana.

Round 1
Gatti starts out with the left jab early; Leija counters in kind. Gatti hits Leija with a right uppercut. Gatti establishes his range, challenging Leija to come closer if he wants to score points. Another uppercut by Gatti catches Leija toward the end of the round.

ESPN.com scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 2
Both fighters size each other up. Leija finds his rhythm with his overhand right. Both fighters trade jabs, with Gatti having more success. Gatti scores with a good right hand. Leija gets in a couple of rights.

ESPN.com scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 3
Gatti continues to invest in his left jab as his bread-and-butter punch. Leija stands his ground. Leija sticks a left jab, but Gatti responds. Leija lands a solid right to the jaw. Gatti is landing the jab at will. Gatti displays more accuracy in throwing his punches. Leija is cautious. Gatti threw nearly 60 jabs in the round.
ESPN.com scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 4
Gatti grows more confident as the fight progresses. Leija is unable to penetrate Gatti's reach. Gatti's left jab remains the barrier, setting up the right uppercut and hook. Leija has yet to land a consistent set of combinations.

ESPN.com scores it: Gatti 10-9

Round 5
Leija, advised by his corner to attack, tries to be more aggressive. Gatti lands a big right that knocks Leija down. Gatti presses the attack, landing a flurry of punches. Leija withstands the assault, landing a left hook. But Gatti recovers, landing a left that knocks Leija down again, and this time for the full 10-count.
Gatti wins by knockout, at 1:48 of Round 5