Former Buck has been boxing 15 months

For 14 years, Kendall Gill has made millions in the NBA as a swingman.

On June 25 he will become a swing man in a different sport, and he does not expect this athletic career to be nearly as long or lucrative.

Gill, 37, plans to make his pro boxing debut fighting in Chicago's Aragon Ballroom. The June 8 Chicago Sun-Times reports that Gill, who played 14 games last season with the Milwaukee Bucks before being waived in January, is fulfilling a lifelong dream.

He plans to fight four rounds as a cruiserweight, which is for boxers weighing between 175 and 200. The 6-foot-5 Gill's listed weight as a Buck last season was 216 pounds.

"I'm excited," Gill told the Sun-Times. "It's something I've always wanted to do. I've been a boxing fanatic forever. I have a whole library of fights."

Gill is taking the cautionary route and does not envision making boxing venture more than avocation.

"I just want a handful of fights," he said. "I'm not trying to be the heavyweight champion of the world. It's too unhealthy of a sport to stay in too long."

A martial artist, Gill has been boxing for 15 months, the newspaper reports. He also helped train ultimate fighting champion Andrei Arlovski, who won a pay-per-view event last week in Atlantic City, N.J.

"I got him ready for his fight," Gill said. "We sparred every day."

Gill insists that he's ready to display his boxing skills for the public.

"You're going to like what you see," he said.