Stallone, 59, to reprise Rocky for sixth time

LOS ANGELES -- Yo Adrian! Rocky is planning another
Fifteen years after starring in "Rocky V," Sylvester Stallone
is reprising his role as the boxing champ in the sixth "Rocky"
movie, publicist Michelle Bega said Monday.

The 59-year-old actor will write and direct "Rocky Balboa,"
which will begin shooting in Philadelphia and Las Vegas next year.

Stallone told the Daily Variety trade magazine the movie will
focus on an aging, widowed Rocky who is reluctant to get back in
the ring but ends up doing it "just to compete, not to win."

"I am drawing on a lot of my feelings that are in sync with
many people's feelings about facing the last chapter of their lives
and how they want it to be written," Stallone said.

Dan Taylor, president of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which is
co-producing the film, said the movie focuses less on boxing and
more on character.
"It's about self-examination, an opportunity to see what kind
of person he is and act on it," Taylor said.
It wasn't immediately clear whether Talia Shire, who appeared in
five previous "Rocky" films as the boxer's love interest, Adrian,
will return in the sixth installment, said Stuart Herriot, a
spokesman with Revolution Studios, which is co-producing the film.
"In the script, she did pass away, but it's unsure whether she
might appear in a flashback or in older footage," Herriot said.
"It's too early in the production to tell."
But, Herriot said, Burt Young is expected to return as Adrian's
brother, Paulie.
Stallone wrote all the "Rocky" films and directed the second,
third and fourth entries.
The first movie, released in 1976, won three Oscars, including
best picture and best director for John G. Avildsen.