Hearns beats Landberg with stoppage in 10th

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- Thomas Hearns stopped Shannon
Landberg midway through the 10th and final round Saturday night at
The Palace of Auburn Hills.

The 47-year-old Hearns (61-5-1) never knocked down the
40-year-old Landberg (58-11), but referee Dale Grable ended the
fight at 1:35 of the 10th with Landberg staggering around the ring
in exhaustion.

Hearns struggled to find a rhythm in the early rounds, getting
beaten to the punch by Landberg. Hearns rallied late in the fourth
round, hurting Landberg with a right, but couldn't summon his old
finishing skills.

Hearns, who led 89-82 on all three cards after nine rounds,
finished stronger than Landberg, landing numerous clean shots in
the eighth and ninth.

Earlier in the night, Hearns' son Ronald had little trouble with
Kirk Douglas, knocking him out at 2:12 of the second round.

Douglas (10-11) barely attempted a punch in the first 4 minutes,
then was dropped by a left hook midway through the second. He beat
the count, but Hearns (8-0) knocked him out moments later with an
overhand right.

In the featured undercard match, Lanardo Tyner (10-0) knocked
out Leo Martinez (8-7) with a three-punch combination at 2:42 of
the first round.

The crowd got a scare in the night's second fight when Chris
Edmond (1-1) knocked out debuting Mike Howell with a left hook.
Howell was unconscious when he hit the canvas, and stayed down for
several minutes before being allowed to sit on his stool.