Ex-featherweight champ Hamed released from prison

DONCASTER, England -- Naseem Hamed, the former world
featherweight boxing champion, was released from prison Monday
after serving 16 weeks of a 15-month sentence for dangerous

The 32-year-old former IBF and WBO champ was jailed in May after
he injured two people -- including a man who suffered fractures to
every major bone in his body -- when his car crashed head-on into
two other vehicles in northern England in April 2005.

Prosecutors said Hamed was driving at least 90 mph when he
crashed into the vehicles while trying to overtake a car, including
a Volkswagen that Anthony Burgin and his wife were traveling in.

"My heart goes out to the victims, obviously, Mr. Burgin and
his family," Hamed said after being released. "It's been hard,
but [thankfully] nobody died."

Hamed was also banned from driving for four years.

"What happened to my wife and I was deeply distressing and
nearly destroyed our lives," Burgin said. "I am shocked that
after such a serious accident, Mr. Hamed has been released after
less than four months."

Hamed was previously banned from driving for three months in
1995 for speeding.

The flamboyant Hamed, who boxed as "Prince Naseem," last
fought in May 2002 when he was booed out of the ring after a
contentious decision over Spain's Manuel Calvo in London.