Middleweight Ballard tackles taxi driver robber

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. -- This knockout won't go on Perry Ballard's record, but he doesn't mind.

Ballard, the World Boxing Empire middleweight champion, chased and tackled a robber who had stolen $473 from a taxi driver.

"I just made a decision and said I was going to help this
person," Ballard said. "I was going to do everything I could to
try and help this gentleman."

Ballard said he was making his daily stop at a convenience store
when he heard a commotion. A man had grabbed a bank bag the taxi
driver was carrying and fled from the store.

"[The victim] was shouting, 'he's got my money, he's robbing me
... thief, thief, thief,"' Ballard said.

Ballard chased the suspect into the store's parking lot, where
he tackled the man. Another patron helped Ballard restrain the
suspect until police arrived.

Police charged Jason Neil Ennis, 22, with misdemeanor petit
larceny. The money was returned to the victim, according to court

"I have 14 KOs but this one doesn't count," said Ballard, who has a record of 18-1. "This one doesn't go on my record."