Mexico's Salido stripped of IBF featherweight crown

Less than a week after he claimed a featherweight world title, Orlando Salido of Mexico has been stripped of his IBF belt because of a positive post-fight drug test.

"We got the official results from Nevada Wednesday afternoon. We sent a letter to Orlando Salido's promoter [Fernando Beltran] that same day notifying him that the title had been vacated," IBF championship committee chairman Lindsey Tucker told ESPN.com via e-mail.

Salido easily outpointed Robert Guerrero Nov. 4 in Las Vegas on the Carlos Baldomir-Floyd Mayweather Jr. undercard.

Two days later, however, Salido's post-fight urinalysis tested positive for the banned steroid Nandrolone, according to Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Salido still faces disciplinary action in Nevada, which could result in a fine, suspension or both. Depending on the outcome of a hearing in Nevada, the result of the bout could also be changed from a Salido victory to a no decision.

However, his title is gone.

"He is not happy. He's a little depressed about it," Javier Zapata, Salido's manager, told ESPN.com. "We are definitely going to appeal the decision to Nevada and the IBF. He doesn't know how it got into his system. We are doing a new test. The test in Nevada doesn't say the amount that was in is body and it is a susbstance that can naturally be there."

Tucker said the IBF sent letters to its leading available contenders -- Guerrero and Spend Abazi of Denmark -- to begin negotiating to fight for the vacant belt.

Guerrero, who was making the first defense of the title he won Sept. 2, said he was disappointed about the situation but pleased to get another title opportunity.

"I hit this guy with some nice shots early in the fight and he didn't budge," Guerrero said. "Usually when I hit guys with shots like that, they slow down. It had me thinking. It's sad that he had to go to desperate measures in order to compete with me. I'm just happy that my next fight will be a world championship fight. I'm fighting at the elite level in boxing and it's a shame that Salido would have to use steroids to compete."