Darchinyan pummels Burgos, defends flyweight belt

Flyweight champion Vic Darchinyan (28-0, 22 KOs) of Australia registered a 12th-round TKO over Mexico's Victor Burgos (39-15-3) on Saturday night as part of the Israel Vazquez-Rafael Marquez undercard in Carson, Calif.

The cumulative effect of Darchinyan's hard shots took their inevitable toll on Burgos, who became wobbly in the final round. A Darchinyan left to Burgos' face prompted referee John Schorle to stop the fight at 1:27 of the round. The victory was Darchinyan's sixth successful title defense since beating Irene Pacheco by 11th-round TKO in 2004.

Burgos was taken to a hospital for precautionary tests, ring physician Paul Wallace said.

Wallace said Burgos' vital signs were normal, but that "We
didn't like the way he was responding."

The doctor said he grew concerned when Burgos slumped on his
stool in the corner after the bout, but that the fighter was
conscious at the end of the bout and still conscious when he was
taken to the hospital.

From the outset, Darchinyan clearly was intent on seeking the knockout but Burgos found a way to survive the opening round. In the second round, Darchinyan pressured Burgos with looping underhand lefts, one of them a body shot to Burgos, who went down on one knee several seconds later. Darchinyan stayed busy in pursuing Burgos, winning rounds easily.

Darchinyan's showmanship became more apparent as the fight progressed in the third, scoring at will until Burgos caught Darchinyan with a right to the face. That seemed to motivate Darchinyan further, looking to pummel Burgos with a big left hand. That did not happen as the round ended.

Burgos seemed to get more of his bearings in the fourth round, keeping his distance from Darchinyan and picking his spots to attack. Burgos was able to succeed in working the body.

Darchinyan continued to dominate on the cards through the middle rounds. Then, in the seventh, Burgos staggered Darchinyan against the ropes, only to see Darchinyan retaliate with two hard lefts to Burgos' face, and continued to blitz him as the bell sounded.

Credit Burgos for making it a fight just when he appeared to be down and out, bouncing back to challenge Darchinyan and moving around the ring well. For all of Burgos' efforts, Darchinyan remained relentless, pounding his opponent with left hands that scored consistently.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

David Cooper is ESPN.com's boxing editor