Oldies trying to prove they're still good

Remember that night in June when seven Major League Baseball pitchers age 40 or older were scheduled to start? We call it amazing when pitchers who are that ancient keep going. When boxers 40 and older won't quit, on the other hand, we call it insane -- and we worry for their health.

Still, with heavyweight titles changing hands these days like $10 poker chips, a preponderance of name-brand division fighters in the neighborhood of 40 are still punching, hoping to get another shot. George Foreman showed it was possible. Evander Holyfield, who apparently will fight for another belt at 44, is showing how quickly it can be done.

But not so fast: With all the oldies in action, the World Boxing Council announced this year that it will explore developing special medical exams for boxers over 40. Here are some veteran heavyweights with title fight experience who have passed, or are soon to reach, that milestone.