Hopkins fined $200,000 for weigh-in scuffle with Wright

LAS VEGAS -- Nevada boxing regulators fined Bernard Hopkins
$200,000 on Friday for instigating a weigh-in brawl before his July
fight with Winky Wright.

"In Nevada, no melees, no free-for-alls, no fighting should be
taking place at a weigh-in," State Athletic Commission Chairman
Tony Alamo told Hopkins at a hearing. "The only time there should
be fighting going on is the night of the fight."

Hopkins' fine, left to the discretion of the five-member panel,
amounts to 6 percent of the $3 million purse he took away from
scoring a unanimous decision over Wright on July 20.

No one was injured in the onstage scuffle, which erupted after
Hopkins and Wright went toe-to-toe at the weigh-in and Hopkins
shoved his hand in Wright's face. Wright did not face any
disciplinary action from the fracas.

Asked to explain what set him off, Hopkins told the
commissioners that Wright's entourage was talking trash about his
dead mother.

"I didn't feel that it was appropriate. My mom is in her grave,
leave that alone, that's personal," Hopkins said. "When his
people were trying to cheer him on and get in my head, it worked a

Several commissioners said they were surprised to see Hopkins
before them, noting his clean record and his reputation for control
in the ring.

"You're a smooth, smooth fighter. ... I consider you a mature,
savvy man but you lost it that night," Commissioner Joe Brown
said. "We have to send a signal that we won't tolerate this."

Hopkins (48-4-1, 32 KOs) currently is the WBC's 6th ranked light

Before fighting Wright, the 42-year-old Hopkins had retired last
year after a career highlighted by 21 straight middleweight title
defenses and last year's shocking win over Antonio Tarver. After
defeating Wright, he said he would like to fight the undefeated Joe
Calzaghe of Wales.