Ex-Mosley strength coach sues, says he never gave boxer steroids

LOS ANGELES -- Shane Mosley's former strength and
conditioning coach has filed a defamation lawsuit over statements
the boxer made that the coach gave him steroids without his

Hudson "never gave, pushed, recommended or in any way made the
Defendant take the banned substances," according to the suit filed
Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Last September, after reports surfaced that investigators had
accused Mosley of using BALCO designer steroids "the clear" and
"the cream" as part of a doping regimen before a 2003 fight
against Oscar De La Hoya, Mosley told reporters he had
"unknowingly" taken some banned substances at Hudson's urging.

"I didn't know what the hell it was," Mosley told ESPN.com.
"I didn't know anything about that stuff. It was something given
to me, pushed up on me."

Those and similar statements from Mosley and unidentified
associates are the basis of the lawsuit, which claims Mosley's
allegations were false and did harm to Hudson's training business.
Hudson is seeking unspecified damages.

A BALCO client, Mosley was subpoenaed in the Bay Area Laboratory
Co-Operative investigation and testified before the grand jury in
2003. He had previously denied doping and has never tested
Phone calls made after business hours Wednesday night to
Hudson's attorney Jaenam J. Coe and to Golden Boy Promotions, which
represents Mosley, were not immediately returned.