Conte, former trainer claim they saw Mosley inject EPO

SAN FRANCISCO -- Boxer Sugar Shane Mosley's former trainer
and the mastermind behind a sports doping ring claimed in court
papers filed Friday that they watched Mosley inject the
endurance-boosting drug EPO in the weeks before a title bout.

Trainer Derryl Hudson and convicted steroids dealer Victor Conte
said they both saw Mosley take EPO during a meeting in which Mosley
was told the benefits and risks of performance-enhancing drugs and
how to use them.

The meeting, they said, took place weeks before Mosley beat
Oscar De La Hoya in a junior middleweight title bout in September

"Mr. Mosley admitted to me that he knew the drugs provided to
him by Mr. Conte were illegal performance-enhancing drugs," Hudson
said, according to the papers.

Mosley's lawyer didn't return a telephone call Friday. Hudson
and Mosley parted ways in 2004 after Mosley lost to Winky Wright.

Hudson and Conte filed their statements, which were taken under
oath, in U.S. District Court in response to a defamation lawsuit
Mosley filed last year against Conte. Mosley alleges Conte, who
founded the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, lied to reporters
last year when he said the boxer knowingly purchased and used
banned drugs.

In Friday's filing, Conte said he charged Mosely $1,850 for a
shipment of the banned drugs and a doping calendar.

Mosley said he testified before a grand jury investigating BALCO
that he took the drugs unwittingly and was misled by Conte into
believing he was injecting legal supplements.

"I explicity sought and received Conte's assurance that
everything he was recommending was entirely legal and authorized
for use in my sport," Mosley said in a court filing.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Parrella, one of three federal
prosecutors involved in the steroids probe, didn't return a
telephone call Friday asking if investigators were examining the
conflicting testimonies provided by Mosley, Conte and Hudson.

A jury on Thursday found track coach Trevor Graham guilty of
lying to federal investigators about his relationship with an
admitted steroids dealer. Barry Bonds has pleaded not guilty to
lying to the BALCO grand jury when he testified that he never
knowingly used performance-enhancing drugs.