Hungry Jones checks in from training camp

Roy Jones Jr. challenges light heavyweight world champion Joe Calzaghe on Nov. 8 (HBO PPV) at New York's Madison Square Garden in "Battle of the Superpowers," a showdown between two of boxing's biggest stars. Throughout the remainder of his training camp, Jones will be keeping in touch with Dan Rafael of ESPN.com and providing an exclusive blog leading up to the fight.

Training camp isn't glamorous; my day is pretty boring. I've been here in California, Pa., where I am spending the final six weeks of training to get ready for my fight with Joe (Calzaghe) and I'm working hard. Besides training, I don't do a whole lot. I wake up every morning about 6, get my run in and a two-hour workout. I do road work every day, but I change it around. I don't like to run the same amount every day. After I run and do my workout, I have lunch. Usually it's something light, like fruit or maybe some grilled chicken. Sometimes, in the afternoon, I go to the horse track for relaxation. I like the races and I like horses. When I go there, it's relaxing and you can just sort of set your mind free. But after that I go back to work. I usually go to the gym for another two hours and I work on what me and Merk (longtime trainer Alton Merkerson) have planned for the day.

After we train, Merk cooks and we eat dinner. Merk cooks a variety of stuff. That man can cook anything. The other day he cooked elk. It was grilled with turkey bacon wrapped around it. It tasted like steak and it was really good. We have a lot of friends and they hunted it. It has all the protein I need. We finish up about 7 and then I usually take a shower and try to relax. I like to watch football and the baseball playoffs. Last week I watched the presidential debate.

I also had a chance to watch the Antonio Tarver-Chad Dawson fight. I was very impressed with Dawson. I thought he looked very, very good, like he's the next big up-and-coming thing. To tell you the truth, he reminded me a lot of me when I was younger, which is why I like him so much. I know he'd like to fight me someday, so we'll see what happens. You know I always like challenges. For him to fight me would be a dream come true for him and it could come true. But I have my mind focused on Joe Calzaghe right now.

I thought Tarver looked OK. He fought hard and it was a great fight. You know I fought Antonio three times, so I know how tough he is. I think he just ran out of time against a great young fighter like Chad. Antonio was just the older fighter that night, but they put on a good show just like me and Joe are going to do.