Ex-hockey players Denna Laing, Bobby Carpenter finish Boston Marathon as team

Boston Marathon a 'heartwarming experience' for Denna Laing (2:37)

Denna Laing, who was paralyzed in a NWHL game in 2015, shares why she teamed up with former NHL player Bobby Carpenter to participate in the Boston Marathon and raise over $80,000 for Journey Forward. (2:37)

Two former hockey players teamed up to provide a special moment at this year's Boston Marathon.

Denna Laing, who was paralyzed in a women's game ahead of the 2016 Winter Classic, completed the Boston Marathon with help from former NHL player Bobby Carpenter, who pushed Laing's racing wheelchair throughout the 26.2-mile race.

"It went extremely well," Carpenter told WBZ TV in Boston after the pair finished in a time of 4 hours, 32 minutes and 30 seconds.

Laing took to Twitter to express her feelings following the race.

While the two Massachusetts natives had been planning their Boston Marathon appearance since last summer, they said the crowd's cheers made it hard for them to carry on a conversation.

"It was hard to talk because it was so loud. We had to wait for it to die down and we just talked and read some signs," Carpenter said. "She kept me loose, it was awesome."

"My voice is gone because I said hello to everybody in the crowd," Laing told the TV station. "I felt like everybody was screaming my name. It was so awesome."

Monday's race was the first marathon for Laing, 25, and the second for the 53-year-old Carpenter, who played 18 seasons in the NHL for the Capitals, Rangers, Kings, Bruins and Devils.