VeloNews: Zen master Peter Sagan poised for big 2018

If anything sums up Peter Sagan’s live-and-let-live attitude, it’s a new tattoo emblazoned across his right hip. The dark ink features a Sagan-like Joker character from “Batman,” with the slogan, “Why so serious?” BRENTON EDWARDS/AFP/Getty Images

ADELAIDE, Australia (VN) - Peter Sagan is cycling's ultimate zen master.

The preternatural two-wheeled virtuoso lives in the here and now. Blessed by the cycling gods, Sagan doesn't worry about the weight of history, even when he's making it. Those concerns are for mere mortals.

"I do not know what is going to happen in life," Sagan said. "Why do I have to think about that? I am here now."

After a winter of hibernation, the Sagan Show was back under the spotlight at the WorldTour season opener in Australia. A stage win and the points jersey at the Santos Tour Down Under to open the 2018 calendar suggests he's poised for a big season.

While journalists grit their teeth trying to paint him into a box, Sagan is simply enjoying the ride. (And helping out when he can).

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