Breeders' Cup thoughts, picks and comebacks

Here are some Breeders' Cup thoughts, picks and comebacks.

As is usually the case, the best way to regard the turf races are as little lotteries where your lucky number just might pop up after the photo light goes off and the six horses that appeared to finish as one are finally identified.

Pick a turf race?

It's hard enough to determine which body goes with which nose.

What's great once more about the Breeders' Cup is $2 will get you plenty. Any Cup exacta is a good exacta. Trifectas frequently wind up at the IRS window.

To sort through so many sound horses a person needs an angle to start with, a hook with which to handicap -- a gimmick at the end. A friend of mind who has never lost too much money on Breeders' Cup Day says that when the races are in New York, run lines through all the California horses; suddenly, the fields are immediately more manageable.

It has been my experience to note that certain young horses appearing unbeatable have outrun only four or five horses while sending Beyers through the barn roof. Defeating four horses, then competing against 13, is frequently a big and daunting deal.

Leroidesanimaux is such a difficult name to name, he might pay a little more than if had he been named Shakespeare.

Shakespeare will likely pay less that had it been named Joan Collins.

Happy Ticket is from Louisiana, bringing skill and sentimentality to the Distaff.

My Picks:

Juvenile Fillies
1. Knights Templar.
2. Adieu.
3. Folklore.

1. First Samurai.
2. Sorcerer's Stone.
3. Set Alight.

Filly & Mare Turf
1. Ouija Board.
2. Wonder Again.
3. Film Maker.

1. Lost in the Fog.
2. Battle Won.
3. Elusive Jazz.

1. Leroidesanimaux.
2. Majors Cast.
3. Artie Schiller.

1. Happy Ticket.
2. Ashado.
3. Stellar Jayne.

1. Shakespeare.
2. Better Talk Now.
3. Fourty Niners Son.

1. Saint Liam.
2. Oratorio.

It's Saturday night after the races. So how do we get our money back?

Go ahead, laugh, here's a system anyhow.

I have never seen a big payoff to come after a close call. This to say that if you show two 7's dead center, and the third is a fraction off, forget the next spin, nothing rich will come of it.

The time to up the ante is after some bad misses, a 7, a lemon, a skunk, something unrelated all together.

Go ahead laugh, but as they say on the midway, there's a winner every time. Unfortunately sometimes the winner is them.

One obvious college play seems to be Florida over Georgia, which lost its quarterback. You know what that means. The obvious usually loses.

Nebraska-Oklahoma in Lincoln should be a game wrought with emotion, giving the home team the slight edge.

In the pros, the same thing seldom happens twice running, so in a double form and luck reversal, Denver should get out over the Eagles.

Penn National.
I'm looking for a cheap claiming horse over from Philadelphia Park that got obliterated and is running for the same tag, suggesting a big win here.

Talk about a full day.