Virtual Racing Auctions

Paying $7,650 for a racehorse that doesn't actually exist defies logic in the real world; unless of course you're a member of Digiturf.com, the world's fastest growing, Internet-based, virtual horse-racing community.
World firsts always seem to fascinate. Digiturf.com achieved a world first on Sept. 22, 2004 -- by introducing the sale of virtual horses by auction. A $7,650 bid for super colt Deadly Quiet established a world record for the highest price ever paid for a virtual racehorse.
Digiturf.com Auctions allow for a virtual horse or group of horses to be placed into an auction at a reserve price, and these horses can be sold to the highest bidder. A bid can also be placed on any horse being auctioned. This intriguing concept attracted attention from the start, and the increasing participation in the auctioning excitement has proved to be phenomenal.
Digiturf.com players have made more than 6,200 auction entries in the 54 Digiturf.com auctions held to date. The top bid in Digiturf.com's auction history was made by Dallashargiestable, where deoog's reserve of $7,650 for a single virtual horse was met -- resulting in deoog's virtual colt Deadly Quiet, which boasted an excellent track record and high potential future earnings, being sold at a record-making price to Dallashargiestable on August 12, 2007!
Since Deadly Quiet's birthday on January 14, 2007, this now 5-year-old virtual colt has managed to win 136 virtual races and has successfully accumulated more than $16,700 in winnings -- most definitely justifying the virtual colt's historical selling price, and proving to be a solid investment made by Dallashargiestable! And considering Deadly Quiet cost its original owner only $15 out of the Digiturf.com sales ring, that's $7,635 in profit for deeog as a result of the auction sale!
The Auction Ring & Winners Circle Awaits You!
More details on the functioning of auctioning can be found at Digiturf.com in the Auction section and on the Help pages. Anyone can find that championship horse, or even test the waters and see how much their horses can get them.
Digiturf.com provides all new trainers with a free starter stable, plus further bonus offers.
Go ahead and try virtual horse racing for yourself ... who knows, you may just be the next Digiturf.com Champion!
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