Barbaro set for another cast change

The cast on Barbaro's right hind leg was scheduled to be changed sometime Tuesday afternoon, the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center veterinary clinic announced Tuesday. The prodedure was to be performed by the center's chief surgeon, Dr. Dean Richardson.

No additional details on the cast change were released, and university publicist Gail Luciani said the next update would likely come Wednesday.

Barbaro, winner of the Kentucky Derby, shattered his lower right hind leg during the Preakness Stakes on May 20. The following day, Richardson performed surgery at the New Bolton Center to implant 27 screws and a locking compression plate to stabilize the fractured leg. Since then, its healing has progressed well, despite a setback in July in which an infection prompted Richardson to replace the plate and many of the crews.

Barbaro also developed life-threatening laminitis, a hoof disease, in his left hind leg soon after that second surgery. Richardson removed about 80 percent of the left hind hoof wall as part of the treatment, and the bandage on that leg has been changed daily to treat the area and monitor Barbaro for signs of infection.

Richardson said in the Tuesday release that changing the right cast "gives us the opportunity to take new radiographs and evaluate the progress of the fracture-healing and joint fusions.

"His left hind hoof continues to show signs of regrowth and looks healthy."