Doctor pleased with Barbaro's slow, steady progress

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. -- Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro's right
hind leg has a new cast, a new shoe and is healing well, while his
left rear hoof is "gradually" improving from laminitis.

The cast was changed for the first time in six weeks, and Dr.
Dean Richardson said Tuesday he was "pleased" with the progress
in the leg that was shattered when Barbaro took a horrible misstep
at the start of the Preakness on May 20.

"We still have many
months of healing ahead of us."
-- Dr. Dean Richardson

Barbaro's left hind foot, which had laminitis, continues its
slow healing process.

"There is good growth along the quarters [closer to the heel]
but there will need to be much more healing along the front of the
hoof," Richardson said in an update issued by the University of
Pennsylvania's George D. Widener Hospital. "We still have many
months of healing ahead of us."

Doctors removed 80 percent of the hoof in mid-July when Barbaro
developed laminitis, a painful and often fatal disease brought on
by excessive weight bearing on one leg due to the injury of another

Richardson, chief of surgery at the hospital, also had a chance
to get a close-up look at Barbaro's right hind leg when the cast
was changed Monday.

"I was pleased with the continued progression of healing and
the overall condition of this leg," Richardson said. "There are
no signs of infection and the primary incisions have healed
surprisingly well. Because he has had a cast on for so long, there
are a few cast sores, but nothing serious."

Barbaro underwent anesthesia before the cast change, and had
another pool recovery before his feet were trimmed and a new shoe
was applied to his right hind leg. A few hours after recovery,
Barbaro was out grazing and comfortable on both hind legs, the
hospital statement said.