Virtual hobby creates new millionaire

The wealthiest man in the world of virtual horse racing made history on January 2, 2009 when a $15 digital horse he bought at Digiturf.com made him the first bona fide millionaire in both the real and digital world of the Sport of Kings. Yet, while it may seem to the uninitiated that the world's latest dotcom millionaire made his fortune at the click of a mouse, anyone who has played Digiturf.com's virtual horse racing game will confirm that it is anything but child's play.

The trainer, identified by his Digiturf.com stable name, Pillbutt, has been a leading figure within the global virtual horse racing community since he first started racing at Digiturf.com in 2001. He increased his stable's profits considerably through shrewd online racing strategies, buying and re-selling virtual horses to other trainers around the world, and winning 33 of Digiturf.com's Championship race titles.

While it is not unusual for top players in the virtual sports industry to post large earnings, Pillbutt is the first self-made millionaire in virtual horse racing.

Digiturf.com was the first skill-based virtual horse racing game launched on the web, and went on to establish virtual horse racing as a global phenomenon. Part of the appeal is that virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com affords players the opportunity to own, train, and race their horses against other players from around the globe for real winnings -- as well as buy and sell their virtual horses through auctions and claiming races. However, Digiturf.com broke new ground when they developed an exclusive, photo-realistic, 3-D animated race viewer which displays races in real-time. The realism with which the game simulates real horse racing, generates the kind of enthusiasm that racehorse owners have experienced for years.

Digiturf.com provides all new trainers with a free starter stable, plus further bonus offers. To find out more about about Virtual Horse Racing on ESPN.com, click here.