Bichette Jr. becoming a star at Series

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Dante Bichette Jr. is certainly
making a name for himself at the Little League World Series.

He's striking out batters. He's hitting clutch home runs. He's
even getting better at talking to reporters about his on-field
exploits after getting counseled by his parents while traveling to

"I wasn't very good at it," said Bichette Jr., whose Maitland,
Fla., team (2-1) lost its first game Monday. "I just said some one-word

Bichette's father, who is a coach for Maitland, has some
experience in the spotlight: Dante Bichette hit 274 home runs
during a 14-year major league career.

Now, in sunny South Williamsport, his son is clearly one of the

On Friday, Bichette Jr. struck out 11 batters and hit a
three-run homer late in a 7-3 win over Davenport, Iowa. On
Saturday, he started a two-run first-inning rally and added an
insurance run in the fifth with a solo homer to defeat Newtown, Pa.

Both games were played in prime-time in front of a national
television audience.

"As soon as Bichette hit that one out, that was enough,"
Newtown manager Bill Hartley said dejectedly after Bichette Jr.'s
blast cleared the hedges beyond the left-field wall.

With similar faces, the Bichettes would be recognizable as
father and son even if they weren't wearing baseball uniforms.

Little Dante's dreams of playing in South Williamsport took hold
two years ago on a trip to the Little League World Series with his
father. They were just spectators then.

"I said to my dad 'I want to do that some day,'" Bichette Jr.

Since then, Bichette says he's been working with his son and
teammates. He's not the only former major-leaguer helping the
Maitland squad -- Mike Stanley, who played with the New York Yankees
and Boston Red Sox, among other teams -- is also a coach.

Like most coaches, they do a little of everything during
practice -- throwing baseballs in the batting nets, positioning
fielders and working on pitching.

"It's a cool thing for a 12-year-old to do," the elder
Bichette said before a recent practice in South Williamsport.
"This is their last year of just being a little boy. What a way to
top it off."

Bichette is probably best known for his stint in the 1990s with
the Blake Street Bombers lineup that powered the Colorado Rockies.

But his son says the best piece of advice he's received from dad
was about pitching.

"Keep your head up and don't let anything get to you. Always
keep good posture," Bichette Jr. said calmly as he gazed at
teammates taking infield practice, his father standing several feet