Player, manager apologize for incident at LLWS

An incident at the Little League World Series on Sunday night involving a player swearing and a coach slapping the player has resulted in reprimands, apologies and a five-second delay for broadcasts of the event.

Little League officials on Monday reprimanded the manager and a player for the Staten Island, N.Y. team after the player was heard using an obscenity and the manager responded by slapping him.

In the middle of the sixth inning, just before a commercial break, a player for Staten Island used an obscenity while telling his teammates in the dugout that they needed just one run to tie the game. The Staten Island manager, Nick Doscher, responded with a quick slap to the player.

Lemont defeated Staten Island, 1-0.

The manager and the player apologized Monday for their actions, and Little League officials have made them aware that a repeat violation could lead to a suspension.

In response to the matter, ESPN has decided to put its Little League World Series telecasts on a five-second delay beginning with Monday's 3 p.m. game on ESPN between Lake Charles, La., and Portsmouth, N.H.