Mayor opposes nude cycling race on safety grounds

WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- The mayor of a New Zealand town wants a nude cycling race to be called off because the
participants won't be wearing helmets.

Mayor John Hurley of the Tasman District said police would look like "fools" if they allowed the race to go on for the third straight year, despite the objections of local residents.

Police said they investigated the legality of the race and found
they cannot take any action.

"We have taken advice on the legality of their proposed action
and have been advised that it falls short of an offense," Sergeant
Arthur Clarence said.

About 100 people are expected to take part in the "clothing
optional" race Sunday around Golden Bay on the southern tip of New
Zealand's South Island. The race aims to promote safe cycling and
alternative energy.

Hurley said police should enforce laws that require all cyclists
to wear safety helmets.

"They have ridden bikes in the past down the road with no crash
helmets, no nothing on, and people say that's a double standard,"
he said.