Premier League coaching changes, ranked best (Tottenham) to worst (Norwich)

Watford opened the floodgates on Oct. 4 when they fired Xisco and replaced him with Claudio Ranieri. No one was surprised; at this point, it's almost more surprising when a week goes by and Watford doesn't fire their manager. What was surprising, though? Burnley cutting ties with Sean Dyche, after 425 games in charge, in the middle of a relegation fight.

In between, eight managers were fired and replaced. All in all, we've seen 10 coaching changes this season, and nine of the 20 Premier League teams have a different guy on the sideline than the one who was there at the beginning of the season.

For most of the clubs, we now have a sizable sample of how the teams played and performed both before and after their new managers arrived. So, with somewhere between two and five games remaining in the season, it's time to take stock of all of the midseason managerial movement. Who made their teams better? Who made their teams worse? And who falls somewhere in between?