Premier League 2021-22 awards: Best player, best manager, best signing, most important goal and more

Have you caught your breath yet? Well, we sure haven't! The 2021-22 Premier League title came down to the last day. Hell, it came down to the final 10 minutes. And both the relegation battle and the fight for top four were up for grabs all the way until the end, too. Matchday 38, though, was just a microcosm for the season as a whole: endless drama, mind-melting peak performance and a widespread inability to avoid stepping on rakes. Everything happened, all the time.

So, to sum it all up, Ryan O'Hanlon and Bill Connelly have teamed up to hand out a bunch of mostly made-up awards for the 2021-22 season. Congrats to all the winners. Actually, congrats to most of the winners; some of these "awards" are the kind you really don't want to win.

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