Nadal against whom in the final?

Is anyone really willing to bet on Rafael Nadal to lose at the French Open? Will it take anything short of a broken leg and divine intervention to knock the regal Spaniard off his throne?

Nadal's unbridled intensity is enough to mentally defeat opponents before the first ball is struck. So the only question is: Who will be his victim in the final? Roger Federer vanquished him in Madrid, but extenuating circumstances -- notably Nadal's four-hour marathon the day before -- played an integral role.

Andy Murray has been earmarked for a Slam title for quite some time, but mediocre clay results have softened this notion. Novak Djokovic has fortified his game -- and confidence -- but winning two week's worth of best-of-five matches on clay gives us pause.

So how does the field stack up? Our experts test their prescience.

French Open men's predictions