Left wrist acts up at Gaz de France

BRUSSELS -- Kim Clijsters will be out of
action for the rest of the season but does not need more surgery
on her wrist after suffering an injury in the Gaz de France Stars.

Clijsters' official Web site said Sunday that doctors had
reassured her the new injury was not as serious as the last one.

Her surgeon said that the old condition had completely healed and
that she was suffering from a new problem in the same area.

She'll have tests this week, her Web site said.

However, the tournament's doctor told a newspaper that the latest injury could threaten Clijsters' future in tennis.

"This injury can mean the end of her career," Bruno Willems said, according to Monday's edition of De Morgen. "Let's be straight: This is a drama for Kim. I hope she comes back, but I'm pessimistic."

On Wednesday, Clijsters' fiance, Lleyton Hewitt, denied media reports the injury was career-threatening.

"Yeah, I don't know where that came from," Hewitt, who is in Tokyo for this week's Japan Open, told Reuters. "She was obviously hitting the ball well, won a couple of matches and wasn't really feeling much pain at all.

"Then to actually hurt it again, the same wrist. I think she spent enough time out. I don't think she came back too early."

Clijsters quit her semifinal against Russia's Elena Bovina
midway through the second set Saturday when she felt pain on
her problematic left wrist.

With her discomfort obvious, Clijsters, who is right-handed, abandoned her
trademark two-handed backhand and tried to carry on by using
only one hand.

However, the move failed to pay off and Clijsters decided to
halt proceedings.

The former world No. 1 was playing her first tournament
for almost five months after suffering torn tendons and having
surgery on the wrist to remove a cyst.

The Belgian won her first two matches at the tournament in
Hasselt but failed to last the distance against third seed

"The doctors gave her the green light to compete in the
tournament and she played her first two games without pain at
all," Clijsters' coach Marc Dehous said.

"She followed what the doctors and surgeons ordered her to
do. Her comeback was carefully planned ... in the
days before the tournament she went at it at 100 percent with
her male sparring partners and her wrist was okay."

Clijsters has been advised to ice the wrist and have
anti-inflammatory treatment.

Information from Reuters and The Associated Press was used in this report.