Davenport fires back at Gimelstob for blog comments

Justin Gimelstob isn't known for shying away from the media. But his latest offering didn't exactly go over well.

In part of his blog on Sports Illustrated's Web site, Gimelstob took shots at the women's tennis tour, writing that they live in "Bizarro World."

Several newspapers ran stories, re-publishing Gimelstob's blog comments.

Gimelstob wrote: "As dysfunctional as the men's tour is, the women's tour blows it away. For example, it's impossible for there to be enough practice courts for men and women to share without some kind of bickering.

"It's insane. They literally would prefer to hit four on a court with their coach than two on a court with another player. They live in Bizarro World. However, one of the benefits of having the women around is the ever-increasing desire for each and every young sassy player trying to outdo or, in this case, under-dress the next.

"My prediction: Pretty soon the WTA practice courts and maybe even the match courts will resemble a women's volleyball court, with g-strings and bikinis being the only logical next step. Not that I'm complaining, or even think that wouldn't be a valuable marketing tool. But I'd like to recommend to players both female and male, and even coaches out on the practice courts ... if you resemble a beached whale, keep your gear on."

Lindsay Davenport, who on Monday regained the world No. 1 ranking, reacted to Gimelstob's comments after he reportedly asked her to edit the blog.

"I'm always curious what the fascination is about men having to judge women constantly. What they look like. What they wear. Who they hang out with. ... And men have this endless fascination with, and Justin especially, about just depicting and picking on everything about the body. And so his column was, I thought, a waste of time."

Final question to Davenport on this subject: "What about Justin's body?"

She replied: "Yeah, really. I asked him if he wanted me to get into that. He said no."

Lindsay Davenport will likely start play on Tuesday. Gimelstob is playing doubles at the Open with Mariano Hood, his 11th different partner in 11 U.S. Opens.