Borg says McEnroe convinced him not to sell trophies

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Bjorn Borg is hanging on to his
Wimbledon trophies, and he can thank longtime rival John McEnroe.

Borg said in the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Tuesday that he
received calls from several former tennis stars after announcing
plans to auction his five Wimbledon trophies and two of his
title-winning wood rackets.

"And then when John McEnroe called me several times and
wondered what I was doing, I guess I woke up: 'Borg, what has
gotten in to you? Have you gone completely nuts?'" he said.

Andre Agassi had also urged Borg not to sell the silver gilt
trophies that had been expected to fetch $350,000 to $525,000 at
the Bonhams auction house in London.

"But clearly McEnroe convinced me," Borg said.

The long-haired Swede won his five Wimbledons between 1976 and
1980, including a five-setter over McEnroe in his last final. Borg
also won six French Open titles before retiring at 26.

Borg said this month he would sell the trophies to secure
"financial security" for people close to him. That set off
speculation that Borg, who has had several failed financial
ventures, was broke.

"Wrong. I am not poor at all," he told the newspaper.
"Business is going great and I have nothing to complain about.

"I guess I was tired of seeing the old stuff lying about here
in the house," he added. "Maybe I thought they could bring joy to
other tennis enthusiasts. I didn't think it through. Today I regret