Players to have three video challenges per set at Wimbledon

WIMBLEDON, England -- Wimbledon will give players three
chances per set to challenge line calls using video technology at
this year's tournament -- one more than the U.S. and Australian

Wimbledon is introducing the Hawk-Eye system on Centre Court and
Court No. 1 at the June 25-July 8 championship for the first time.

The existing cyclops technology will be moved to courts 2, 14
and 18. Cyclops, which has been used at Wimbledon since 1980, uses
infrared beams to help determine if serves are in or out.

Wimbledon announced last month it would follow the lead of the
U.S. and Australian Opens in introducing Hawk-Eye, but did not say
how many challenges players would get. The French Open, which
begins Sunday, will not use the system.

"The extra potential challenge recognizes both the importance
of the service on a grass court and the fact that cyclops will not
be deployed on the service line this year," All England Club chief
executive Ian Ritchie said Wednesday.

"Statistics also show that players have been very sensible in
their use of the technology so far, and it is right to grant them
additional opportunities to use this highly accurate assistance."

Large screens will show line-call replays on the two courts at
Wimbledon. Each player or doubles team is allowed a maximum of
three incorrect challenges in a set. If the set goes to a
tiebreaker, the players are given an additional challenge.

In the fifth set for men's singles and doubles, and the third
set for all other events, the slate is reset if the score is tied
6-6, with each side able to make up to three incorrect challenges
in the next 12 games.

Wimbledon said chair umpires can refuse "an electronic appeal"
if they believe the challenge was not made quickly enough. The
umpire can also request a replay if the line judge was unable to
make a call on a point-ending shot.

Hawk-Eye will also be introduced at the Queen's Club grass-court
warmup for Wimbledon. The tournament will adopt the same protocol
as Wimbledon. Rafael Nadal, Lleyton Hewitt, Andy Roddick, Marat
Safin and Fernando Gonzalez are among those entered.